The Product

Wagyu Soft Chop Sirloin Beef JerkyThe product you will offer is a 4 ounce package of Wasatch Wagyu Soft Chop Sirloin Beef Jerky. They come in four varieties – Original, Teriyaki, Sweet Pepper and Peppered.

These are made from real Wagyu beef — the best in the world! This is full blood Wagyu: the real deal — not the fake wagyu you see labeled as “American Wagyu” or “Kobe-style Wagyu”. Our cattle are rare breed Japanese Tajima wagyu certified by the American Wagyu Association.

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Each package of jerky you sell is a full quarter pound of Wagyu.  That’s a far better value than what you get even at Walmart for beef jerky, where the most common size is 2.25 ounces.

What’s better is that YOU set the price.

How much better in a fund raiser can you get than to have a high quality product where you set the price? Click here to learn more of how you do it.