The Process

Wagyu Beef Jerky
Did you know that our beef jerky is USDA inspected? Most brands on the market are not. That means our beef is processed in an approved facility and packaged under the inspection of the USDA. Our beef is graded “Beyond Prime”.

Raising funds does not have to be complicated. We offer two ways to do it:

  • Organize it yourself.
    • No money up front. You don’t pay for it until you have sold it and collected the money.
    • Download the forms for collecting orders, rally your team and go sell jerky (be sure to send them to our website for pictures and info)
    • Collect the money, tally the orders and order exactly what you need
    • We ship it and then make a donation to your fund raiser as well.


  • Let us do the work.
    • No money up front. You’ll get a check after your group is done ordering online.
    • Send your supporters to a special link where they can order jerky in any amount online, from any device
    • They order, we ship, you collect.
    • Supporters automatically receive a coupon code giving them a discount on our website for anything else they order. When they do, your group receives a commission.
    • Your coupon code is good for life. If they keep ordering, you keep making money. We’ll pay out once a month.

How much can you make? That’s up to you, your goals and the enthusiasm of your group.