Real Wagyu Beef

Real Wagyu beef is the best beef in the world. Imagine giving your supporters something infinitely better than waxy candy or dry cookie dough for their money. Imagine giving them the BEST for their fund raiser dollar!

That’s what we do. Our delicious soft chop sirloin beef jerky is made from our 100% certified Japanese Wagyu cattle, grass fed and raised on the pure mountain waters of the Weber and Bear rivers in Northern Utah.

This outstanding product paired with your efforts to raise money for your school, your team, or your cause is a win for everyone involved. We will teach you about the product, show you how to explain its value, help you with the process of making sales, and coach you how to make the money you need to raise. In the end, we also show you how to make residual income after your big fund raiser is over — and we will even make a contribution to your cause as well.